Look for someone who are 30- to 45-year-old for a three-month trip of artistic creation in New York




▲ "2019 Wang Shikuo --the program of  ''International Residency of Contemporary Chinese Young Artists'' was launched and began to solicit artists.

In April 2019, the program "2019 Wang Shikuo -- International Residency of Today's Contemporary Chinese Young Artists" jointly sponsored by Today Art Museum and Wang Shikuo Foundation was officially launched, and now the collection of the artists is started.

From 2016 to 2018, in "Wang Shikuo Award--Today's Contemporary Chinese Young Artists Nomination Exhibition", so many outstanding young artists were discoverd through public solicitations, selections, exhibitions like Tian Xiaolei, Wu Juehui, Meng Baishen, Zheng Da, Cai Yaling, Fu Shuai, Ren Yuan, Zhang Chunhua, ect.  We helped these young artists expand their way of artistic creation and brought them into the public view. This aword has been recognized as the "Annual Event for Young Artists" in the arts world.

▲  the first row from the left:Selected youth artist of 1st Wang Shikuo project season Tian Xiaolei

                                         Selected youth artist of 1st Wang Shikuo project season Wu Juehui

the second row from the leftSelected youth artist of 1st Wang Shikuo project season Meng Boshen
                                      Selected youth artist of 1st Wang Shikuo project season Zheng Da

 the first row from the left Selected youth artist of 3rd Wang Shikuo project season Fu shuai
                                     Selected youth artist of 3rd Wang Shikuo project season Cai Yaling
the second row from the left: Selected youth artist of 2nd Wang Shikuo season Ren yuan
                              Selected youth artist of 3rd Wang Shikuo project season Zhang Chunhua

 Highlights of 2019

International Residency + Online Exhibition

This year, the program "2019 Wang Shikuo--International Residency of Contemporary Chinese Young Artists" will continue to supportmiddle-young aged artists so as to help more artists sticking to the pure artistic land in the pursuit of their dreams.

       International residency program

 Two outstanding young artists will be selected in 2019

leave for New York, USA

To Participate in a ISCP residency creation program of 3 months

You will be offered a personal creation space where
facility is well equipped with sufficient materials.

You can communicate with many international artists and curators.

You can join the visit of critic, investigation and salon.

The most promising creative youth artists will be selected to build a sustainable development platform which can connect youth Chinese artists with international world and public life through international exchanges. We also cooperate with many art institutions/universities, art academies, art galleries, and art foundations. 


Online Exhibition

During the artists' stay, today art museum and media partners will continue to follow and report them, interact with the domestic art circle, and hold online works exhibition, mainly aiming to expand people's participation and influence through online promotion.


About ISCP

ISCP, founded in 1994, housed in a former factory in Brooklyn which is New York's most comprehensive international visual arts internship program with 35 light-filled studios and two galleries. ISCP organizes exhibitions, events and offsite projects, which are free and open to all, sustaining a vibrant community of contemporary art practitioners and diverse audiences. Over 1,350 artists and curators from more than 80 countries, including the United States, have undertaken residencies in ISCP. ISCP international studios and curatorial programs are established to support the creative development of artists and curators. It facilitate communication through residency program and the public projects.


With an International Residency Program and Ground Floor Program for New York City-based artists, ISCP strives to establish a global network of exemplary artists and curators. Tailored for professional growth, the programs serve as an active mediator, creating visibility and immersion for all of its residents in New York City. ISCP’s programming is conceived to facilitate dialogue and collaboration. Integrated activity areas including the Residency Programs, Exhibition Program, ISCP Talks and Offsite Projects, make ISCP an unparalleled platform for producing, presenting and contextualizing contemporary art through a diverse range of international perspectives.

The International Studio & Curatorial Program’s mission is:

  • to support and enhance the professional development of emerging to mid-career artists and curators from around the world
  • to introduce New York audiences to exceptional international art practices
  • to engage communities of Brooklyn and the New York City area through public programs that enrich the appreciation and understanding of contemporary art

At the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) each artist and curator is provided with a private and furnished studio space and 24 hour access to all communal facilities. While ISCP does not provide accommodation, most International Program sponsorships include stipends for living expenses, travel, materials and housing. All residents at ISCP are encouraged to take advantage of the in-house community of artists and curators, offering invaluable international and local networks, professional conversations and critique.

An International Program residency at ISCP is ty
pically three to six months, although artists and curators can apply for up to one year. While in the International Program, all residents are invited to participate in a number of activities in and outside of ISCP including the four core program activities: Visiting Critics, Field Trips, Salons and Open Studios.


Notes in the application of International Residency Program


2019 Wang Shikuo

International Residency Program for Today’s Contemporary Chinese Young Artists


Name of the program: 2019 Wang Shikuo -- International Residency Program for Today’s Contemporary Chinese Young Artists

Organizer: Today Art Museum, Wang Shikuo Foundation, International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP)

The program will be implemented by the Organizing Committee of 2019 Wang Shikuo -- International Residency Program for Today’s Contemporary Chinese Young Artists.

Program producer: Gao Peng, Wang Qun

Academic committee: Tan Ping, Sui Jianguo, Huang Du, Gao Peng, Wang Qun

How to apply

Application time: from now to May 21, 2019 (subject to the receipt of the application e-mail)

Application method: scan the two-dimensional code below or log in the Internet disk to download the application form. The address is as follows:

 https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Bf7tWCqMbUQZNW-BOKWW2Q  Fetch code:7dj4

Please fill the information for each one. The filling information must be true and valid. If not, the qualification will be canceled. Please send the application form and the work information to the e-mail of the organizing committee. Those who do not apply within the application period and do not fill in the application form will be deemed invalid and will not participate in the program.

Materials sent: application form, works (works information, pictures and videos), scanned copies of the author's ID card. Please send the above materials to the official application e-mail: wsk2019@todayartmuseum.org

 Applicants Selection and Award

1.The selection method

(1)Primary selection: integrate the information of online applicants and the information of the nominated artists from nomination committee. The judges will select 50 excellent artists to be re-examined.

(2)Re-examined: the re-examined judges will vote out 10 artists from the 50 shortlisted artists for the final review.

(3)Final judgement: the final judges will votes for two winners from 10 shortlisted artists to participate in the international residency program.

2. Awarding Process

(1) Award prizes for the winners.

(2) Excellent artists will be offered such chances as network exhibition, professional media promotion and reporting, and contract and cooperation with excellent art institutions.

(3) Award setting:

A. Two winners will be awarded the participation of ISCP residency program and the subsidy about 100,000 RMB per person.

B. Ten shortlisted artists will be awarded certificates.

For applicants

1.Special requirements for the application

Basic English skills in reading, writing and speaking

2. Registration method and requirements

(1)Eligibility: 30-45 years old, at least 10 years of artistic creation (including 10 years). Eligible applicants can submit their application materials to the designated e-mail address. For applicants with high artistic achievement, relevant conditions can be relaxed.

Note: graduates majoring in art need provide graduation certificates. Non-art majors need provide proof materials of their creative experience/years according to their own situation.

(2)Participants need submit up to 5 works each, including 10 images or video links of your work. Repeated applications or overloaded works will not be included in the scope of selection. Malicious repeated application, dissemination of network viruses will be disqualified. 
3.Work requirements
Among the 5 works, at least 1 must be created within the last three years (2017-2019).
(2)All graphic materials shall not constitute a violation of the intellectual property rights of any third party. Otherwise, the artist shall bear full responsibility and compensate for all losses caused thereby.


A.Picture works: please classify them according to the creation period or theme, and keep them in different folders.

Requirements: pixels 1024*800, resolution 300dpi, JPG format.

B.Video works: please provide the video files and the screenshots of the works. The screenshots need to be the same as the pictures of the works.

Requirements: MP4 format, each file within 20M.

The general


The organizing committee of the program "2019 Wang Shikuo -- International Residency of Today’s Contemporary Chinese Young Artists", as the organizer of this program that formulates and implements of these rules, has the right to modify and interpret these rules. These rules shall be binding on the organizer and the applying artists. All artists who have applied are deemed to have understood and accepted all the contents of these rules.

Program Introduction


"Wang Shikuo Grogram: Nomination Exhibition of Today’s Contemporary Chinese Young Artists" was founded in 2016, co-sponsored by Today Art Museum and Wang Shikuo Art Foundation.

In 2016, shortlisted artists of "2016 Wang Shikuo Program" include Tian Xiaolei, Guo Donglai, Huang Zhitao, Lin Feifei, Liu Xianghua, Li Rui, Shi Fu, Shang Chengxiang, Wu Juehui and Zhang Fan, among which Tian Xiaolei was the winner. In the same year, Tian Xiaolei's solo exhibition entitled "I wait for you: infinite ontological space and time" was held in Today Art Museum.

The shortlisted artists of 2017 Wang Shikuo program "the Rising Voice of The Times" are Meng Boshen, Yu Ying, Zhang Wenrong, Ren Yuan, Wu Ziyang, Tan Xun, Ying Xingxun, Ren Han, Zheng Jiang, Cong Ming, Geng Xue, Ge Pingwei, among which Meng Baishen won the best. Meng Baishen's solo exhibition was held on the 2nd floor of hall 1 of Today Art Museum at the same time.

The shortlisted artists of 2018 Wang Shikuo program for Today's Contemporary Chinese Young Artists Nomination Exhibition are Cai Yaling, Fu Shuai, Jiang Kaiqun, Luo Peng, Si Jianwei, Tian Longyu, Wang Weisi, Wang Zhuo, Ye Funa, Zang Kunkun, Zhang Chunhua and Zheng Da, among whom Zheng Da won the best award.
In 2019, Today Art Museum will continue to cooperate with Wang Shikuo Art Foundation to support young and middle-aged artists and jointly launch the program "2019 Wang Shikuo -- International Residency of Today’s Contemporary Chinese Young Artists". Tan Ping, Sui Jianguo, Huang Du, Gao Peng and Wang Qun were invited as members of the academic committee. Through open solicitation and expert nomination, 10 young artists will be selected from a large number of nominated young artists, then two winners will be selected from them, and the two will be awarded the quota and funding of the US ISCP residency program lasting for three months.

Academic Committee

Vice-president of Chinese academy of arts                 Tan Ping

Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts              Sui Jianguo

Academic Director                                                 Huang Du

Curator of Today Art Museum                                  Gao Peng

General Secretary of Wang Shikuo Art Foundation    Wang Qun

Program Schedule

Solicitation stage

From now on to 24:00 of May 21st  Submit your application form and work

May 22nd 2019  Deadline for your application


Finalist stage

From May 23rd 2019 to May 26th 2019  The judges will select the finalists

On May 27th 2019  The final shortlist of artists will be announced


Selection of the winner

On June 10th 2019  Two winners will be announced


Residency time of the first phase



Residency time of the second phase


Contact with the Organizing Committee


Address: Today Art Museum, NO.4 building of Apple Community, NO.32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Phone: 58760600-336

E-mail: wsk2019@todayartmuseum.org