Today Artistic Academy established, upgrading and accelerating public aesthetic education



In 2018, Today Art Museum transformed and upgraded a series of internal operation mechanism around the "toC" mode and achieved remarkable results. In order to face the strong growth of public's demand of visiting art galleries and appreciating high-quality exhibitions in recent years, Today Art Museum launched a series of new policies in 2019 , one of them is —establishing Today Art Museum Artistic Academy.

Today Art Museum Artistic Academy is a functional department established by Today Art Museum in 2019, referred as " Today Artistic Academy". Today Artistic Academy aims to utilize brand-new cultural viewpoint and artistic concept to proceed high-end aesthetic education training for the public, and gradually form complementary and mutual learning with the aesthetic education system of colleges and universities. Today Artistic Academy’s duty is to promote the public aesthetic education, targeting training professional art talents who will be needed for various industries of fine arts and the interdisciplinary talents of art and financial.


Today Artistic Academy will provide students with rich artistic practice with our global art database, continuously improve the public's cultural aesthetic ability and artistic innovation ability and contribute to building cultural confidence. We will establish adult aesthetic education curriculum system, including history of art appreciation、personal training system of museum operation and management. We will develop art strategy、 art initiation、psychological analysis and art related business practice course. Course will be designed based on the theory but with more practical function. At the same time, we focus on improving the basic aesthetic education system, establishing and improving the curriculum system of children's aesthetic education, with paying more attention to inspire children's artistic perception and artistic creation. Today Artistic Academy will provide students abundant artistic practice with our global art resources, continuously improving the public's cultural aesthetic appreciation ability and artistic innovation ability and contributing to people’s cultural confidence.


Gao Peng, as the chairman of the committee of Today Artistic Academy, has unique opinions and expectations to this school.


In addition to the exhibition, public education is also a very important part of the museum. In the future, half of our museum will be educational and another half for exhibitions. Today Artistic Academy focuses on basic aesthetic education. Basic aesthetic education is composed of two parts, professional art history education and museum system education, including life aesthetics, life-related education methods, professional and vocational education. We have been entrusted by many art galleries and museums to set up courses. As the first private public un-profit art museum in China, Today Art Museum is still flourishing today, so they hope we can share our experience to them.


Furthermore, we cooperate with relevant industries to help students know the composition of the art gallery, museum and exhibition system through the study at our art school. In the future, these students may be as head of a variety of art institutions or collectors. We hope to help people to form healthy art values, so they respect art, understanding art value before they enter this industry. Comparing to stand in a financial point of view to appreciate art, this is for the art industry and ecological protection.


                         Today Artistic Academy’s activity


Fan Ying, the executive director of Today Artistic Academy, lead collaboration with different institutions in public education, and until now we have held three successful and popular events.



01 Foundation Aesthetic Education—Lecture of NIKI


The space of Today Art Museum has laid a good foundation for carrying out art education. As an art institution, Today Art Museum and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, a mature educational institution, have established extensive connections and good cooperation. On the end of Niki de Saint Phalle’s exhibition, March 6, working together with the humanities department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, the French Embassy, Today Art Museum held a public lecture named “Niki de Saint Phalle: free lovers” at the CAFA academy hall. The lecture invited French anthropologist and Niki de Saint Phalle scholar ,Melanie Gourarier to share Niki’s art and life attitude. At the same time, Yiyang Shao, deputy dean of the humanities of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, a scholar of contemporary art, Gao Peng, director of Today Art Museum, and Jiang Jie, professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and also a famous contemporary artist , were invited to have a forum.


02 Cultural and creative artists’ afternoon tea party—The Palace Museum


On March 8th, the " Cultural and creativive artists’ afternoon tea party" was held in Beijing Today Art Museum with Hong Kong university SPACE Enterprise Academy (hku SEA). Entrepreneurs, senior executives and elites in the Cultural and Creative industries of Beijing gathered here.

Ruilin Xiao, professor of Taiwan political university science management and intellectual property research institute, also known as guest professor of Hong Kong university SPACE Enterprise Academy --using cultural and creative industries’ leader-- The Palace Museum as an example, tease out the context and myth of development for both Mainland and Taiwan Palace Museum, and inspire innovative thinking and strategy of museum exhibition, art design and related areas. Director Gao Peng indicated in his speech that the cultural and creative industry is booming. There is an increasing demand for senior management talents who are familiar with industry development logic and strategic vision. Cultural and creative executives need such a platform to share information and discuss the development of the industry.



03 Children exhibition—KIDS POWER


Today Art Museum, as the first private public un-profit art museum in China, is always working on attracting more children and their parents join in art education. Today Artistic Academy held "KIDS' POWER -- 2018 Today Artistic Academy Public Children Education Exhibition to show children's creativity on the platform of our museum. More than 300 children, ranging from 4 to 18 years old participated in the exhibition. The works cover many subjects such as art history, science and technology, social groups and urbanization process, etc. and use the forms include painting, art installation, animation, photography etc. Multiple artistic techniques and combination of static and dynamic artistic express, shows children's three-dimensional perception of the world, as well as the output of values.


As director Gao Peng said, "Today Art School is ideal. We will do real art education, the popularization of aesthetic values and the vanward discussion of art ". For this reason, Today Art Museum will make continuous efforts on the development of art school, so more and more people can understand and respect art.