Opening of Amassing Force:2017 Wang Shikuo Award: Today Art Museum Exhibition of Nominated Contemporary Artists


The “Amassing Force: 2017 Wang Shikuo Award and TAM Exhibition of Nominated Chinese Contemporary Artists” held jointly by Wang Shikuo Foundation and Today Art Museum started at TAM on the afternoon of May 21th, 2017. The works of art collection was open to the public via the network and specialists’ nomination, with Gao Peng, Wang Qun, Huang Du, Su Xinping, Zhang Gan and Wu Hongliang being specially invited as members of the academic committee. The collected works were eventually published to audiences after a three-month collection and preparation. In total a dozen artists were selected in the exhibition, for instance, Ge Pingwei, Geng Xue, Meng Boshen, Ren Yuan, Ren Han, Tan Xun, Wu Ziyang, Ying Xinxun, Zheng Jiang, Zhang Wenrong, Cong Ming and Yu Ying. Members of the academic committee, selected artists and enthusiastic audiences were present. Gao Peng, director of TAM, Yang Dayong, director of Wang Shikuo Foundation and CEO of SinoCredit Corporation, Wang Xingzui, vice president of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), Huang Du, representative member of the academic committee and Tan Xun, representative selected artist made speeches on the conference, delivering related information, distinguishing features and artistic merit. 

Selected artists in the exhibition have been engaged in arts for more than a decade. In the course of creating, they have not merely mellowed their styles in art through unceasing experiments, but had the courage to break the shackles of fixed and limited artistic styles, aiming at achieving the transformation of art. The works of art exhibited cover several artistic fields such as paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations, involving many dimensions of creation and progress of the modern art. Those works are identified as the most representative and breaking-through for selected artists themselves. “some of artists reflects attention on properties of materials, searching for connective relationship between the properties and visitors; some others keep their eyes on the relation between the individual and society, expressing dilemma that people face or consideration on relations between the inner world and the social condition via fancy, peculiar and unnatural visual performance and delivery; another group, however, return to the conduct of creating and painting so as to present awe to the artistic creation.”

The Wang Shikuo Award and TAM Exhibition of Nominated Chinese Contemporary Artists, founded in 2016, was jointly held by Today Art Museum and Wang Shikuo Foundation, in an attempt to uphold the spirit of Mr. Wang Shikuo, who was a master and an educationist of fine arts. The exhibition was founded to encourage young artists to cultivate a spirit of tenacity and fearlessness in creating and exploring in the field of art under any circumstance, and call for more attention from more people to understand and support the development of art. The exhibition this year would last till July 2nd, and with the title “Amassing Force”, it tends to demonstrate diversified sights of artistic creation with agglomerating marvelous works of art and artists in this age.