The Mode of Communication and Value of Exhibitions in the Era of Information

Duration: 2013-05-25 -- 2013-05-25
Location: B/1 De Kafe & Club, Today Art Museum

Seminar Introduction

The 2nd Edition of China Young Critics' Forum took place on the 25th May 2013 at Beijing Today Art Museum. It is a joint project of Beijing Today Art Museum and Wuhan Art Museum. The Forum provided a platform for artists, critics and curators to exchange ideas on issues such as the value and mode of communication of exhibitions in the era of information technology. The forum was moderated by Mr. Wu Hongliang, Director of the Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy.
As smart phones, Weixin, Weibo and other modern information communication instruments become more and more popular, our life style is being continuously changed. Art is a result from the relation between human being and the world. While how would exhibition, as a mode of communication of art, adapt its form and position in the era of information? The rise of online virtual exhibitions, the advocation of low carbon and environmental friendliness, as well as highly individualized demands all pose challenges to the so-called establishment of art exhibition taking place in the "white box" (art museum). Exhibitions in the white box should learn to ride the wave of multi-media and put to full play its advantage of being very close to the audience coming into a concrete space. This is the unique quality of its existence that should be emphasized.
We are currently experiencing a boom of all kinds of exhibitions. Coming to the issue of the value of exhibitions, we find that an appraisal system needs to be perfected in the first place. Art works are taking more and more diversified forms of expression. Medium and materials being used are even more creative. The form of exhibition needs to be correspondingly adapted. Curators, as mastermind of an exhibition, should make a comprehensive consideration on the social influence of the event.
The tremendous volume of information inevitably fragmentizes art. Galleries, museums and art media need to make better use of their advantages as instruments of information communication. They should pay more attention on the participation of the audience and find a suitable mode of operation.
The forum is a concurrent event of the Jianghan Star Plan: Gradualness – 2013 Young Artists Research Exhibition. It leads the attention to modern society and the young people, and tries to communicate the modern understanding of art and the real world of the common people through the established form of art exhibitions. We believe that the the discussion of the issue "mode of communication and value of exhibitions in the era of information" is but a preface to more intrigueing reflections on the current forms of exhibitions.


Wu Hongliang,Lu Huan,Liu Libin,Du Xiyun,Wu Hong,Hang Chunxiao,Zhou Ling,Zhao Kun,Duan Jun,Jin Fei,Tang Keyang,Han Jing,Fan Feng